Around Berlin 2009

I’ve uploaded a series of pictures taken throughout Berlin in the course of 2009; ranging from the few cold snowy days in January to the first snow in December. The colour photographs were taken using the Holga 120N and 120WPC cameras, and the black and white ones with the Diana+ camera.

The gallery can be accessed from the toy camera page by following the “Berlin Around Town 2009” link.

The Last Pictures of Summer

During the last week of September, which turned out to be the last week of summer, I shot a couple more rolls with the wide angle Holga, the 120WPC. I’ve uploaded a few to my Holga page (check the Wide Angle Berlin link) and a few more to the flickr gallery. Enjoy.

Holga Wide Angle Pinhole

A new camera joined my collection of “low fi” equipment, this time around a Holga 120WPC, which is a wide angle pinhole camera (i.e. it’s got no lens). I took it out for a spin to Berlin’s main station, and the first pics turned out really well. I used the 6×8 format, next time around I’ll be trying the 6×12 format, and colour.

I’ve posted a selection of the pics on flickr. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Addendum: here is a very good review of the Holga 120WPC at Holgablog.