Optiko Magazine

Optiko is a UK based magazine dedicated to analogue photography. They have recently published their issue number 5 which spotlights instant photography. The issue features two black and white polaroids of mine, namely The Woman By the Merry-Go-Round on the Beach in Brighton and Nelson On a Stick.

The flipboard magazine….

“People in Polaroids”, which I started a few months ago, and in which I collect portraits taken with Polaroid cams from various internet sources (mostly flickr), has meanwhile garnered over 57.000 subscribers…. wow.

Here is the link, again. You’ll need the Flipboard app to properly view it.

Flipboard Magazine: People in Polaroids

If you are using the (great) Flipboard app on iOS or Android devices, you have noticed the app’s new feature for creating and subscribing to so-called magazines, i.e. collections of links from the web that Flipboard users can create and share (if they wish), and which are presented in classy Flipboard style. I have started a public magazine myself which I call “People in Polaroids”. It basically features people photography done with Polaroid or other instant cameras, and articles covering this type of photography. Here is the link:http://flip.it/7KL2s.

The cover photo is by Heitor Magno.