Ouarzazate and Beyond

The second set of my Morocco travelogue section is now online. It covers what was actually the last leg of my three week journey through that country: the Southern town of Ouarzazate and the area southeast of it: the Anti-Atlas mountains, the fertile Drâa valley with its date palm plantations, and the Sahara desert.

This part of the trip ended up being my favourite part. I stayed for five days, which some considered long, but I enjoyed the laid back feeling of Ouarzazate and especially the landscape. I don’t normally do landscape photography, but in these parts, I hugely enjoyed photographing the fascinating scenery.

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Camera: Fujifilm X-T10


Not-Quite-Middle Earth

This past weekend I revisited a place where I used to live prior to moving to Berlin: Beaufort, in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. The small town is unremarkable but boasts an 11th century castle and, leading away from the castle, a narrow valley which conjures myths and legends. If you ever find yourself in Luxembourg, make sure to visit the place.

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