Colours and Textures; or: How to Portray a City?

As part of my website, I maintain a section entitled Travelogues. As the name implies, this section is meant to showcase travel photography, or rather, the photographs that I shoot on my travels which are a side product of the portrait, street and urban photography that I do mainly. As does everyone else, when I visit a place, I take a good many pictures simply as a memory – not something that is necessarily intended for publication. It is normally from these pictures that I assemble the sets for the Travelogues section.

I find that selecting shots for these sets harder than it is for the street or urban photos – at least when trying to document well-known places. The photos do not need to be great (they should be good, though), but they need to be interesting. And here is where the problem arises – which travel photographs of well known locales are interesting ? Does another shot of the Eiffel Tower still kindle anyone’s interest. And even if it’s not a landmark like the Eiffel Tower, is even any kind of landmark that you can easily google relevant?  Continue reading “Colours and Textures; or: How to Portray a City?”

Where Angels Tread

Italians love their monumental cemeteries. Rome and Milan both feature impressive ones, and so does Bologna: the Cimitero Monumentale della Certosa di Bologna. I have recently uploaded a series of photos taken at that place, showcasing humanity’s vain attempt to live on after death through monuments to past glories.

Click here to view Where Angels Dare.

Photos taken with a Fujifilm X-T10 camera.

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People of Bologna (and Ferrara and Padova)

I recently spent a week in Bologna in Northeastern Italy, from which I returned with a nice collection of street photographs. Bologna is a city of colours and textures (and light and shadow), and I tried to reflect these aspects in the photos I took, which is why I shot primarily in colour during the day. I resorted to black and white for the evening/night time photos. I added two sets to the People sections:

I also made a couple of day trips, to nearby Ferrara and Padova (Padua), and a few of the pics in the colour set were taken in those two places. 
All photos were taken with a Fujifilm X-T10 using primarily a 35mm prime lens. 
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Added a whole section of set with photographs taken in Rome last June. They include a couple of sets of street photography taken with Holga cameras, and another one taken with the iphone. One set deals specifically with the Roman ruins around the city, and another one with pictures shot inside the many museums of Rome [Click here to view].

[01Aug2010: Rome sets also available in the Holga gallery]