The Baltic Sea in Autumn….

When earlier this year I migrated my site to a new look and feel, I left out a few of the older sets. For some reason I left out a collection of photos which I shot on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen about three years ago, and today I remedied that, so here I proudly present one of the few nature sets I ever shot, and will probably ever shoot [click here to view].

As you can probably tell by browsing through this blog, my work is almost all urban related, whether I capture people or buildings. That does not mean that I don’t enjoy nature, ’cause I do, it’s just that nature doesn’t inspire me as much as a city does. Actually, one of the perks for me of being out of city is that I feel it quite relaxing to be in an environment where I don’t feel the constant urge to push a trigger. But since for every rule there’s got be some exceptions, this particular set is one. 

The photos were taken over an extended, partly sunny, partly stormy week-end on the island of Rügen, off Germany’s Baltic Sea coast. I used the Diana+, a camera I haven’t really used in a few years. The Diana+ was always my bad weather camera since it uses a shutter speed of 1/60, and I used it regularly during autumn and winter, but have sadly neglected it over the last years. Looking at these photos, I think that is a bit of a shame – the Diana magic comes out nicely in these pics. Well, it’s never too late, because, as they say, winter will come….

New India Galleries Online

I finally finished scanning in all the negatives from the Holga and Diana+ rolls I took in Chennai, Mamallapuram and Bangalore back in January, and I posted two new galleries to the Holga page. Unfortunately several of the rolls had severe light leaks and a good many pics were wasted. You see some of the not quite so damaged pics in the galleries.

All the sets with India photos are now in one place, namely [here].

Around Berlin 2009

I’ve uploaded a series of pictures taken throughout Berlin in the course of 2009; ranging from the few cold snowy days in January to the first snow in December. The colour photographs were taken using the Holga 120N and 120WPC cameras, and the black and white ones with the Diana+ camera.

The gallery can be accessed from the toy camera page by following the “Berlin Around Town 2009” link.

Autumn Beaches

There is nothing moodier in my mind than a beach on a windy autumn day. Well, we had plenty of those a couple of weeks ago on the Baltic Sea island of Ruegen. We basically had the last of the nice autumn days giving way to the rain and the cold of the winter to come.

I just posted a selection of black & white photographs which I took on Ruegen with my Diana+ camera on the toycamera page.

One picture, which I called A Storm is Gathering, has a sad side-story to it. About ten minutes after I took it, a young man jumped from the pier on which I took the photo into the sea. We didn’t see it happen, but we saw the rescue effort (involving boats and helicopter) and finally watched the man being pulled from the sea, dead. It had a dampening effect on our mood, as can be expected; events like those are, after all, very powerful reminders of one’s own mortality.

Mysore and Bangalore

I mentioned earlier in the blog that I shot but four rolls of film on my recent trip to India. Here then is a selection of the photos I took; most of them are from Mysore and some from Bangalore. I used both a Holga and a Diana+ camera.

The gallery is available from the Holga page.

Urban Beijing

I put together a new gallery in the Urban section, comprised of a series of urban photographs taken in Beijing over three trips in 2007 and 2008. The first two trips took place before the Olympic games, the last one after.

For more photos on Beijing, see also the toycamera section.

London under a Pale Winter Sun

Having spent New Year’s in London this time around, I came back with a bunch of photos taken with the Diana+ using the new 110mm tele-objective, and with the Holga camera on those rare days where the sun was out. The result is a collection of sometimes rather gloomy photos which at times seem to stem from a different age. 

One of the rolls didn’t roll up properly in the camera and a series of images came out with light leaks; another one ended up scratched. I still decided to put some of those damaged ones up.

Dresden in Winter

Dresden in winter can be a very gloomy place, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. 😉 Just uploaded a series of photos taken in Dresden on the last November week-end, using the Diana+ camera with a 110mm lens, which accounts for some of the gloominess.

The gallery is available from the Toy Camera page.