Meanwhile back at Südstern

Several of the musicians that ply their trade in Berlin’s subway system tend to hang out at the Südstern subway station, including rapper Chris aka Kool Kasai and didgeridoo player/ drummer Oliver aka QuasiMono of whom I posted a video the other day. Here are a few more pics from Saturday night.

Christina from Lithuania and Antonio from Italy, a couple who recently moved from London to Berlin and are currently caught in Germany’s intractable bureaucracy while trying to get registered, find a flat and find a job – all at the same time. Antonio is a chef and sings and plays the guitar in a gothic metal band. Christina used to run a gothic shop in Camden.

Oliver and his didgeridoo

Chris and a member of the Polish band Illegal Boys. On Saturday they were performing together on the U7 line, to great acclaim.

Oliver and Friedrich. Friedrich doesn’t play an instrument per say, but he keeps trying out the various instruments of the other performers, and it sounds promising…

Camera: Fujifilm X-E2 with 35mm1.4 lens.


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