Among the Naked People: Sculptures in Oslo

I have recently uploaded a selection of the photos of sculptures which I took in Oslo, Norway. Entitled “Among the Naked People”, its focus is the Vigeland Sculpture Park, a park featuring more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron by Gustav Vigeland. As the name I chose for the set implies, the sculptures are all nudes; but more than that, it features groups and couples of varying gender make-up in various poses, from the mundane to the dramatic to the erotic. The scultpures are in themselves very powerful, but gathered together in this park, the overall effect is even more powerful and awe inspiring. I went to the park late in the evening at sundown, and the setting sun made the figures appear even more spectacular. I hope the photos reflect this.

DSCF5591 (1)
Additionally, I also selected images of a few more sculptures from around Oslo, only a small sample of the numerous statues spread all over the city.

All photos were taken with a Fujifilm X-T10 camera.

Enjoy Among the Naked People.

Click here for Street Photographs from Oslo.


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