A Carnival of Cultures

Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures was on this past Sunday (15 May). This event is meant to showcase Berlin’s cultural diversity, with groups of various countries and ethnicities participating with floats, music and dancing. Granted, it sounds better in theory than in practice (I have written about this before), but overall the carnival is a joyous occasion where people like to come out and party.

The event presents a good occasion for taking photos, something I did this year again. As in the past, I was less interested in the floats and folk dancing, but preferred to concentrate on the spectators and random participants in the carnival. It has been always been my experience that at events like these, when people are out to enjoy themselves, partying and having fun in the streets, they are willing (if not to say eager) to be photographed, posing readily when asked – or even unasked. Luckily for everyone, the sun was out, and in the late afternoon the light was just brilliant, which contributed a lot to the quality of the images I came away with.

I used the Fujifilm X-E2 camera with the 35mmR2 lens, a very good combination of fast autofocus and sharp lens that made the resulting photos shine.

I now uploaded a selection of the best shots to my site at Carnival of Cultures 2016.

As a nice contrast,  also check out the analog photos from the Carnival of Cultures 2012, which I took with a Holga camera.

For more Berlin street photography, click [here]



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