Faces of Oslo

It is a wisdom repeated elsewhere, and a fact that I have experienced often enough to know it is true: a vacation is worth more than new camera equipment in terms of raising one out of a creative slump. When I feel like I have covered every corner of my city, photographed every situation there is to be photographed, then there is nothing like visiting a new place to let me refocus and get motivated again.

As one can guess from some of my previous blog entries, I recently went to Oslo, Norway, for a brief vacation. Against all expectations, the early May weather was lovely. It was sunny, people were out and about, relaxing and relaxed. In other words, the time was perfect for street photography, and I took ample advantage of this.

I now uploaded a set of people photographs from that great city. Most are candid shots but there are also a couple of portraits in there where I asked people’s permission before shooting. However, much like in Berlin, I found that many folks were reluctant to be photographed; to the point where I saw one photographer being accosted by people in a square where he had been shooting, and having to show the photos in his camera to prove that he did not capture those people …

Oslo also features some stunning modern architecture, images of which I will share at a later point as I am currently working on a new series of modern architecture; but some of the architecture is on display in the street photography set as well. A few pictures were taken in the impressive Vigeland Sculpture Park (or, more accurately: the Vigeland Installation in Frogner Park), where I chose to go just before sunset, when Vigeland’s sculptures shine in striking colours – as can be seen from the photo at the top. I will post a separate set of images from the sculpture installation in the next few days.

Meanwhile, enjoy Faces of Oslo.

I used a Fujifilm X-T10 throughout, mostly with a 35mm lens, and a 16-55mm lens for the architectural, wide-angle shots.

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