Autumn Beaches

There is nothing moodier in my mind than a beach on a windy autumn day. Well, we had plenty of those a couple of weeks ago on the Baltic Sea island of Ruegen. We basically had the last of the nice autumn days giving way to the rain and the cold of the winter to come.

I just posted a selection of black & white photographs which I took on Ruegen with my Diana+ camera on the toycamera page.

One picture, which I called A Storm is Gathering, has a sad side-story to it. About ten minutes after I took it, a young man jumped from the pier on which I took the photo into the sea. We didn’t see it happen, but we saw the rescue effort (involving boats and helicopter) and finally watched the man being pulled from the sea, dead. It had a dampening effect on our mood, as can be expected; events like those are, after all, very powerful reminders of one’s own mortality.

One thought on “Autumn Beaches

  1. Wow. Was für tolle Bilder. Mensch Gee, Du hast Dich mal wieder selbst übertroffen. Mag “Rock” und “Coastline” total gern. Sind wirklich richtig gut geworden. Weiter so. 😉



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